A Disc Golf Terminology Guide for Beginners

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disc golf equipment in PAEven if you've only recently begun discovering the nearly endless joys of disc golf, you've probably already picked up on the fact that aside from being an absolute blast, disc golf is also a relatively simple game. There's just not that much to it. There's the basic disc golf equipment, of course: You throw a Frisbee-like disc into a metal basket, and then you do it again. And again. And again, until eventually the game ends.

And yet there is one aspect of disc golf that is surprisingly complicated, sometimes even for experienced and longtime players: the jargon.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Play Disc Golf

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Although disc golf has been a fixture of the alternative American sporting scene for some 40 years now—the first official disc golf course opened in 1975—the sport seems to have exploded into something resembling mainstream popularity over the past few years. That probably has something to do with the fact that disc golf is a relatively simple and uncomplicated pastime. There isn't a lot of money or equipment involved, and even the sport's best-known and most successful players are friendly and accessible.

But if you're still on the fence about whether or not it might be worth your while to pick up a Frisbee and join the disc golf revolution, read on. Here are five reasons you should seriously consider making disc golf a regular part of your physical routine:  

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The Best Exercises for Disc Golf Players

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For those of you who prefer to play disc golf simply for the joy of a sport that doesn't require a ton of physical exertion, the idea of adding a training regimen to your practice may seem rather unnecessary. Frankly, if you're happy with the state of your play, you might be better off skipping the gym and the extra disc golf equipment and simply spending more time on the field.

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6 Great Montgomery & Bucks County Disc Golf Courses

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Today, we’re going to use this blog to salute some pioneers. 

We’re talking about the men and women who’ve taken it upon themselves to explore the best in Montgomery and Bucks County disc golf and report on their findings.

True, it’s not as dangerous as, say, loading up a covered wagon and heading west, but we still appreciate the effort these folks have taken to let the world know what the region has to offer when it comes to our favorite sport.

If you’re a Montgomery or Bucks County disc golf enthusiast, grab your disc golf equipment and tryout out these six great courses:

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10 Tips for Taking Your Disc Golf Game to the Next Level

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It starts out the same for so many of us: We play a round or two of disc golf at the urging of a friend, or maybe organize a game with fellow newbies out of nothing more than sheer curiosity. And then, as if out of nowhere, those one or two games become three, and four, and then five games, until we start losing count and realize we've fallen into a full-fledged disc golf obsession. And then what comes next? Naturally, we want to learn how to become better--how to take our disc golf game to the next level.

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