Tournament Director Program

The Concept:

Here at D-town Disc Golf we know all too well how much time and energy goes into running an event.  From getting park permits to keeping track of player registration, a tournament directors job is never done.  Worst of all you need to try and plan how much the payout for Amateur division prizes might be without knowing your final player count.  Trust us, we feel your pain.  Let D-town Disc Golf handle player payouts, while allowing your players an endless selection, saving you the hassle of dealing with merchandise.  


How the Program Works:

Your players will receive merchandise voucher codes for use on our website that you provide them at final payouts.  In return, the tournament director will get a percentage cut of Amateur payouts for all their hard work running a great event while we handle the dirty work of sending your players exactly what they want.  It's really a win/win for both the tournament director and the players.

Contact us today to find out more about this great partnership.

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