10th Anniversary Special Edition Neutron Ion


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2019 is the 10th Anniversary of MVP Disc Sports! In celebration of this momentous occasion, MVP is taking a trip back in time with a throwback edition of the disc that started it all, the Ion. Paying tribute to the first run Ions, the 10th Anniversary Special Edition Neutron Ions will have a red rim and teal core. Unlike the first run Ions which were blank, these Special Editions feature a triple stamp on top with a single ghost stamp on bottom. The ghost-stamped bottom stamp emulates the tooling seen on first runs but reads “MANUFACTURED BY MVP DISC SPORTS L.L.C. IN MARLETTE, MI U.S.A P.D.G.A. APPROVED ION PUTT & APPROACH DISC” signifying that these discs are some of the first discs produced in-house at MVP Headquarters in Marlette Michigan. 2,010 of these will be produced to signify the year MVP Disc Sports began.

Speed 2.5, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade: 1.5
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