Alert Discmaniac - Color Glow C-Line FD3

By Discmania

$ 19.99

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Color Glow plastic in general typically has the most grip of all premium plastics offered and is just a touch less stable in nature, too. The mild, gentle dome of this run of FD3 makes a wonderful pair with your other favorite FD3 in the bag.

The FD3 is Discmania’s true workhorse fairway driver. Featuring a low profile, blunt nose, and concave inner rim, this is the disc to get things done. It can be trusted to handle crazy amounts of wind, forehand shots, thumber/tomahawk, and snappy backhand throws from even the strongest arms. Every player needs one of these in the bag for it's sheer reliability and durability. Grab control of your fairway game and check out the FD3 today.

Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3.

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