Fade Gear Crunch Bag

By Fade Gear

$ 38.99

Sorry, this product is sold out!

You can easily carry 12 discs in the Crunch Box bag, a light jacket, a liter of water, your wallet, car keys and one or two small Howler Monkeys. The padded shoulder strap will keep it comfortable. Oh, and did we mention the empty bag only weighs just under 20 ounces!?!?! Heck, you'll need to put discs in it just to keep if from floating away in a light breeze.

I mean, really, look at these features:

  • Weighs only 20 ounces!
  • Durable 600-D Polyester Canvas
  • A 2-Putter Pocket
  • A Golf Towel Clip
  • A big, Insulated 1-litre Drink Pocket
  • Then there's 3 Zippered Pockets, one really big one
  • A Scorecard Pocket
  • Of course a Mini & Pencil Pocket
  • White-wall Tires and a Radio
  • And the high-end Padded, Adjustable Shoulder Strap
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