What disc golf bag is right for me?

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For someone just getting into playing disc golf and looking to upgrade to something better then a plastic grocery store bag we often recommend a starter bag from Innova, Dynamic Discs or Fade Gear. All of them provide space for up to 12 discs along with space to add a much needed water bottle on those hot days. Their features all compare relative to one another so when choosing which one it really comes down to personal taste. Whichever you decide on it's a great starter bag or something to keep filled with a few discs in the car for a quick, spur of the moment, round.

People usually start to look for a bigger disc golf bag after they have been playing for a little while and start to add more discs to their bag. While the starter bags are great you can quickly run out of room for all your stuff. Not only is it nice to have room for more discs but also other supplies such as two water bottles, snacks, extra pair of socks etc. At this point the best bags to look at will usually run you anywhere from $40 up to $60 and hold up to 24 discs. Some people like to add a pair of backstraps to this setup for another $25 to make it easier to carry. For many players this is as much bag as they will ever need or want and can last a long time.

For some however, they desire to move on to a disc golf backpack style bag which range in price from around $70 to upwards of $220. Some choose this style of bag for the comfort and others because they want to carry even more discs and/or accessories on the course. Whereas a cheaper standard style bag must be carried on one shoulder or low on the back with a pair of backstraps a backpack style bag tends to sit much higher on the back and provide more padding for comfort.  Many disc golf backpack bags also add large storage for additional layers of clothes in cooler weather. The Latitude 64 Luxury and Dynamic Discs Ranger come to mind as two backpack style bags with tons of extra storage. Other bags from Upper Park Design offer a unique design and material different from other bags on the market.

As you can see there are many different options when it comes to picking a disc golf bag but always remember that in the end it's not how much you spend but what works best for you.

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