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We can finally and safely say that old man winter is gone here in Pennsylvania. The amount of players on the courses has increased with the good weather and it's a good time to remember to treat all fellow players you run across with the same respect you would want to be treated with. As our great sport continues to gain popularity and courses see more players always remember that you yourself were once that new guy playing and take a second to offer a pointer or two. Some of the best advice I try to give newer players that come in the store is to put that speed 20 super duper driver down and instead grab a solid midrange and/or fairway driver. They will find much more joy in the sport if they start off with the proper selection of disc golf discs, so as you see "newbies" on the course throwing the latest and greatest subsonic distance driver try and offer them some friendly advice.

With my public service message out of the way lets move on to what's been happening. As you all should know by now we moved into our new 2,000+ sq. ft. retail store at the beginning of March and want to again thank everyone that came to our grand opening. It was a huge success and we were busy all day long. We truly are thankful for all the great customers we have both near and far. We've added some great part time help in the shop with locals Tom, Kyle and Jerome helping out certain days of the week. Over the next few months we'll be featuring them in our newsletter so everyone can get to know these guys a bit better.

In product news look for the new affordable Discmania basket to hopefully hit shelves sometime in June and should feature a really great price point that should make these a very popular pick. Likewise we hope to have Upper Park Shift disc golf bags back in stock by the end of May. The guys over at Upper Park have made some tweaks to the next run of both Shift and Rebel bags and we look forward to getting our hands on them again. Everyone that has bought one of their bags from us has loved it, so it's definetly a disc golf bag company to keep in mind as they are becoming more and more popular.

One final note, we will be going out to Emporia, Kansas for the Glass Blown Open at the end of this month. We can't wait to meet with the whole Dynamic team out there and discuss ideas to better the sport. We will have a vendor table setup on Saturday night at the flymart. Please stop on over and say hi if you see us, we'll have some nice branded apparel with us.

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Shawn Overturf
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