Disc Golf Tips for Beginners

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What do Stephen King, Serena Williams and Bill Gates have in common?  
They may have mastered their chosen field, but at one time, they were beginners.  
And there's no shame in being a beginner. We all have to start somewhere, whether it's with writing, tennis, technology...or disc golf.

If you're just starting to play, here are a few disc golf tips for beginners to get you going:

Choose an understable disc

In disc golf, the term stability refers to the disc's flight path. An understable disc is one designed to turn right you’re throwing as a backhand thrower, and flies at a slower speed. This is good for novice disc golf players, who tend to throw at slower speeds. An understable disc will be the easiest to get to fly a straight path.

Start with slow discs

We realize the allure of a fast throw, but when you're just starting out, slow and steady wins the race. When you're starting out, it's best to choose a disc with a speed rating of 7 or under. These discs will still give you a fair amount of distance, while still providing you with a good level of control. You may not throw as far as you'd like, but you'll spend less time hunting down discs that fly off course.  

...but also use what works for you  

If you find a disc that's going to get you to the basket the fastest, don't discount it just because it doesn't adhere to the first two rules. Just have fun, get the closest to the basket and go from there.  

Practice your short game  

It's a nice thought, throwing the equivalent of the long fly ball.  But don't neglect your short game. It's where you'll shave a lot of strokes from your score. So get a stack of putters and begin to practice. Think about it like it's eating vegetables: It may not be fun, but it pays off in the long run.  

Ask questions  

No one knows everything. Even experts in their field will admit that there's room for learning. So don't be afraid to ask questions. There's nothing wrong in admitting what you don't know. It's how we learn.   

If you're ready to get started on your disc golf adventure, contact D-Town Disc Golf. We carry thousands of disc varieties, whether you're in the market for putters, midrange discs, or drivers. Our expert staff is excited to help you get your start in this fast-growing sport. 

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