10 Tips for Taking Your Disc Golf Game to the Next Level

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It starts out the same for so many of us: We play a round or two of disc golf at the urging of a friend, or maybe organize a game with fellow newbies out of nothing more than sheer curiosity. And then, as if out of nowhere, those one or two games become three, and four, and then five games, until we start losing count and realize we've fallen into a full-fledged disc golf obsession. And then what comes next? Naturally, we want to learn how to become better--how to take our disc golf game to the next level.

Sound familiar? If so, keep reading. For all you newly-obsessed disc golfers out there who've stumbled onto our website, we've put together 10 seemingly simple but surprisingly effective tips that will take you from obvious amateur to serious contender with a just a bit of focused practice. If there are any similar tips you'd like us to explore in a future post, please mention them in the comments section below.

1. Practice daily … but do so with a goal in mind

Practice makes perfect: It's a cliché, but one with a good deal of truth in it. And yet simply throwing a disc at a basket seven days a week will not make you a top competitor. Instead, make sure you're actually focusing on an aspect of your game that needs serious improvement. So whether that means forehand technique practice or something else entirely, just take care to practice with purpose.

2. Watch YouTube videos, then take those lessons to the course

There is an astounding volume of instructional disc golf videos online, and surprisingly, many of them are quite good. You can even find clinics that have been filmed in their entirety. So regardless of where your weak spots lie, find a video or three that deal with those areas you need to improve, and then find out what works for you by taking those lessons to the course.

3. Seek out new courses

Every disc golf course is different, and some are very different. If you're not used to playing in a wooded area, for instance, you'll definitely improve a few aspects of your game by practicing on a course that's heavy with trees. Click here for a complete list of disc golf courses in Pennsylvania. Here's a list of New Jersey courses, and here's one for Delaware.

4. Seek out and befriend players who are better than you

There's no debating the fact that your game will never get much better if you continue playing with disc golfers who can't best you on a regular basis. True, it might bruise your ego a bit to be beaten soundly weekend after weekend, but in which other sports can you actually seek out a pro and be on the course with him (or her) in a week's time? Trust us: You want to take advantage of this sport's approachability.

5. Become familiar with a variety of pro-level disc golf equipment

If you're going to be playing and practicing with pros, you might want to consider upping your game in the disc golf equipment department first. Whether you're looking for a perfect disc golf putter or distance driver, or even a portable basket or a towel for your favorite discs, we've got you very nicely covered on the D-Town Disc Golf website.

6. Sign up to play in a tournament

Even if you aren't the competitive type, tournament play can be an invaluable learning experience in the disc golf community. If nothing else, you may find a new friend to practice with, and who knows? That new partner may make all the difference where your skill level is concerned. We've seen it happen.

7. Attend a clinic

Disc golf clinics are often focused on a specific skill, so if you can find one that may help you improve one of your weaker areas, by all means, give it a shot.

8. Practice playing in windy weather

Playing repeatedly in heavy winds should teach you a few new tricks about control and regulation of both your disc and your technique. Try it out a few times and see if your play doesn't feel significantly smoother and simpler once you go back to steady weather.

9. Practice your putting drills, over and over again

Yeah, it's a bit boring. But you'll never be a champ without a seriously solid putting game. It's the one trick all pros have in common, and you'll lower your score significantly if you can improve your put on a regular basis.

10. Work on your forehand technique

We've saved the toughest, but maybe the most important, till last. As disc golfer Scott Stokely says, you have to have a sidearm technique if you want to be competitive on any level in the sport. We absolutely agree. Figure this one out, and you'll be well on your way to top-level status.

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