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Fellow Disc Golfers,

  I'm very excited to share our new online shop with all my fellow avid disc golfers.  I'd like to start off by saying thanks yet again to all my brick and mortar store customers who have supported me over the last few years.  The local scene is truly amazing and I can never thank you all enough for your continued support.  

  By opening up our online store it allows us to offer even more products to new and old customers from both near and far.  While we carry over 2,500 discs in stock at our physical location, we've been able to double that inventory to 5,000 discs in stock and ready to ship or pickup thanks to our new online presence. We didn't stop there however and to show disc golfers how passionate we are about bringing them exact products that they want we also hand weigh every disc in stock.

  Local disc golfers will be able to find and order products on the new site they won't find at the store and than come pick them up or have them shipped.  Likewise, all you new customers from disc courses both far and near will find our selection, service and pricing top notch.  We can't wait to make you a part of our ever growing disc golf family. So grab your bag, an ice cold beverage of choice and come play a round with us.


Your Local Disc Golf Sage,

Shawn Overturf


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