Fall is in the Air

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Some of the best disc golfing days happen in the fall for me.  As the weather cools and the leaves change colors it makes for some of the most scenic rounds of disc golf. This also helps with finding your discs easier on some of those not so great throws we all experience while on the course.  Here are some quick tips for getting the most out of fall disc:

1) Avoid throwing discs that are orange to brown colors when possible.  While the fall colors are beautiful they also tend to hide discs in these color ranges that might other wise be sitting right on top of a pile of leaves.

2) Sometimes the disc you're searching for is right in front of you.  We've all done it, thrown a great shot down the center of the fairway but when you start walking up to where your disc should be you can't find it anywhere.  Problem is it's probably hidden in a pile of leaves and in those cases most of us tend to look further down the fairway.  It's best to start your search closer to the tee and work your way down the fairway.  It also helps to throw bright neon colored golf discs that tend to stick out.

3) Buy yourself some disc lights for low light and glow rounds.  One of the best things about this time of year can be gathering some friends for a round of glow at your favorite course.  Make sure you stock up on disc lights at the shop which are a necessity for these fun times.  Also a UV flashlight is your best friend for quickly charging any glow discs you might carry.

I hope these quick tips help you all enjoy one of the best times of year for playing disc.  As always we carry everything you need in the shop to have the best experience on the course.  You can also check us out online at http://www.discgolfmarket.com to view our entire up to date inventory and don't forget to use the code "Disc" at checkout to save 25% off all disc golf discs purchased online.

Disc on,
Shawn Overturf 
Owner, Disc Whisperer etc.
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